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To consider the school as a place where instruction is given is one point of view. But, to consider the school as a preparation for life is another. In the latter case, the school must satisfy all the needs of life.

Maria Montessori

Check out this virtual experience! ... Welcome to Gateway campus, located in the heart of New Cairo.

Our School


Gateway International Montessori School provides students with a solid academic foundation and prepares them to be self‐reliant problem solvers, inquisitive learners with a global perspective, who celebrate their heritage, and are rooted in a strong set of core values and ethics.


Global citizens learning to collaborate to face the challenges of creating a better world.

Gateway Students Demonstrate

* Self‐worth and an appreciation for one’s own culture balanced with a global perspective
* Vision and future planning balanced with a joy of the present
* Collaboration balanced with an ability to lead
* Drive and ambition balanced with ethics, empathy and social responsibility
* Self‐respect balanced with acceptance of others
* Strong academic proficiency balanced with creativity and innovative thinking
* Mature interpersonal abilities balanced with leading‐edge digital capabilities
* Exemplary work ethics balanced with a healthy life style

Profile of Graduates

Be multi‐lingual world citizens…
  • Communicate effectively both digitally and in multiple languages
  • Value their own and others’ cultural backgrounds
  • Use their skills and knowledge to make the world
    a better place for all
Be open‐minded and curious…
  • Apply skills to analyze and solve problems
  • Seek to understand the perspectives of others
  • Develop habits of life‐long learning
Be respectful of others and the environment…
  • Treat others as they would like to be treated
  • Seek justice and fairness for all members of the world community
  • Preserves the environment for the good of all
Be able to maintain equilibrium in their lives…
  • Have goals and a sense of direction
  • Demonstrate a solid work ethic
  • Maintain a sense of self while caring for others
  • Have a passion for life

At Gateway International Montessori School it is evident that every student

- Is a valued member of our community.
- Is respectful of others and learning.
- Works in harmony with others to find solutions to problems.
- Is a resourceful, creative and critical thinker.
- Is involved in service to school, local and world communities.
- Makes wise, healthy and respectful decisions.
- Demonstrates a strong sense of self and cultural identity.
- Is active academically, socially, artistically, physically.

Our Latest News & Events

We are hosting a variety of events

  • National Holiday


    Dear Parents,

    Kindly be notified that Gateway IMS will be closed on Thursday, 25th January due to the official public holiday.

  • Open House


    Only a few days to go! Don't miss your chance to learn more about what makes Gateway unique.

    Our Open Houses start at 10 a.m on either:-Tuesday the 16th of January or 
    Saturday the 3rd of February.

    All guests are, kindly, required to register before coming:

  • Gateway International Montessori School at Child Expo


    Explore our booth at Child Expo!

    "To consider the school as a place where instruction is given is one point of view. But, to consider the school as a preparation for life is another. In the latter case, the school must satisfy all the needs of life."
    Maria Montessori

  • School Announcement


    Dear Parents,
    This is to confirm that the Gateway picnic will be held on Friday 29th - not tomorrow.
    We will be welcoming students as of the 24th September 2017, according to the schedule below:
    Sunday, September 24th:
    First Phase-In Half Day for EC3, LE3
    Monday, September 25th:
    Second Phase-In Half Day for EC3&2, LE3&2, UE4,5
    Tuesday, September 26th:
    Third Phase-In Half Day for EC1,2,3 LE 1,2,3, UE 4,5
    Wednesday, September 27th:
    Fourth Phase-In Half Day for ALL students
    Thank you

  • Heliopolis Sporting Club


    Come join us at Heliopolis Sporting Club! Gateway's interactive booth will be on Friday the 24th and Saturday the 25th of March from 12 pm to 8 pm.

  • Mother's Day Party - Mada Preschool Nursery - Heliopolis


    Mother's Day Party - Mada Preschool Nursery - Heliopolis 

  • Mama's day - Down Town - New Cairo


    Mama's day - Down Town - New Cairo

  • Mother's Day Festival - Sesame Club Nursery - New Cairo


    Mother's Day Festival - Sesame Club Nursery - New Cairo

  • Teachers' Workshop


    Creating Peaceable Learning Communities through Informed Classroom Leadership
    This workshop is designed to help teachers understand the unique dynamics of a Montessori approach to discipline for children at every level. Workshop participants will learn about the philosophy and methodology of Maria Montessori’s approach to discipline and how her insights and methods, developed over a century ago, still inform our work today. Teachers will explore the three levels of obedience and the preparation of both the teacher and the environment. Teachers will survey the basic needs of children and identify how the Montessori classroom provides an appropriate framework for meeting our most fundamental needs. Teachers will learn how to create a classroom culture that includes the perfect balance of nurturing and reasonable limit setting so that children evolve, grow and learn to be self-disciplined and internally motivated to make positive choices in their ever day behaviors. Practical use of such skills and techniques as using Encouraging Language, Affirmation, Class Gatherings, I-Statements, Logical and Natural Consequences, and Firm versus Soft Language and Actions will also be presented and practiced. An overview of the strategies and skills children need to develop peaceable behaviors will also be introduced.

  • HT-P Horse Times Show Event


    HT-P Horse Times Show Event 

  • Workshop : Learning From The Inside Out


    Research Validates Outcomes of Montessori’s Insights and Approach

  • Workshop : Learning From The Inside Out


    Outcomes of a Montessori Education

  • Your Child Expo | 1-3 December, 2016 | Dusit Thani Hotel


    Explore all different forms of child-related topics, activities & services during a three-day event filled with benefit & fun!


Famous Montessorians

John Bradshaw

Psychologist & Author

Hillary Clinton

Former United States Secretary of State

Helen Keller

Thinker, poet and so much more.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Nobel Prize winner for Literature

Queen Noor

The former Queen of Jordan

Prince William and Prince Harry

G.B Royal Princes

Jeff Bezos

Founder of Amazon

Bill Gates

Founders of Microsoft

Serge Brin and Larry Page

Founders of Google


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