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Description :    The Assistant Teacher assists the Head Teacher in preparing and maintaining the environment in which the Montessori approach to education is implemented.




Duties :


·         Assists the Head Teacher in the preparation, planning and maintenance of the prepared Montessori environment, as directed.

·         Maintains the cleanliness of the environment, refilling supplies, and properly storing all classroom supplies, as directed.  Supply requirements and needs regarding this responsibility should be discussed with the Head Teacher.

·         Assists the Directress with the care and maintenance of classroom materials, i.e., maintaining an orderly environment and keeping it clean and in good condition, as directed.

·         Monitors the classroom and provides redirection or reminders of the ground rules.

·         Assists with dressing or toileting needs as needed.

·         Assists in the preparation of curriculum materials, as directed.

·         Phrases directives positively when speaking with the children.

·         Works with individual and small groups of children as directed by the Head Teacher.

·         Supervises classroom as directed by Head Teacher.

·         Shares the responsibility for the safety and physical wellbeing of the children at all times.

·         The children are not to be left unattended, and classroom ratios must be maintained on the playground as they are inside (two adults for 24 children).

·         Helps maintain strong relationships with the parents, relationships characterized by mutual respect and good will.

·         Helps with the maintenance of current, accurate classroom records.

·         Reports any and all accidents/incidents at once.  Prepares a written report stating date, time, nature of accident and action taken.  Makes Head Teacher aware of the accident/incident.

·         Helps supervise children in the execution of fire drills.  The routine is to be clearly established and the building (s) exited with dispatch and order.

·         Maintains a professional demeanor in dress, punctuality and relationships with students and staff. 

·         Attends weekly faculty meetings and such events as Back to School Night, school picnics, Holiday Program, parent meetings, etc.

·         Observes two other environments at the school and/or at other schools during the academic year.

·         Assists with other projects, programs and planning as assigned or requested by the school’s leadership.

·         Shares questions and observations with Head Teacher.

·         Initiates growth and change in his/her own intellectual and professional development, seeking out conferences, courses and other opportunities to learn.

·         Establishes positive relationships with students, which, while recognizing the different roles of adult and child, are characterized by mutual respect and good will.

·         Repairs materials and equipment, as necessary or directed.

·         Helps maintain an environment that meets or exceeds State health, fire and child care requirements.

·         Notifies the Principal immediately of personal or professional difficulties with children, parents or staff.

·         Protects the peace and privacy of the children at work.

·         Collaborates with colleagues and the school’s leadership in furthering the school’s overall program and Mission.

·         Is self-aware and self-monitoring in identifying and solving student, curricular and school problems. 

·         Participates in the establishment and maintenance of an atmosphere of professional standards.

·         Models integrity, curiosity, responsibility, creativity and respect for all persons as well as an appreciation for racial, cultural and gender issues and diversity.

·         Works with Head Teacher to create new materials.

·         Assumes role of teacher in teacher’s absence.

·         Coordinates and supervises lunch program with children.




·         An A.A. or  Bachelor’s Degree in Education or related field preferred.

·         Ability to work as a team member

·         Ability to take direction

·           Easy rapport with children.



Description :    The Head Teacher prepares and maintains the environment in which the Montessori philosophy and approach to education is implemented; plans, prepares and presents all Montessori lessons, activities and projects; tracks progress and assesses each child in the class and reports progress to parents. Works as an important team member of the school community to realize its vision, mission and goals.




Duties :

·         Arrive promptly to prepare for class.

·         Greet children and take attendance each morning.

·         Perform tasks as needed to maintain a clean, orderly and attractive Montessori environment including upkeep and inventory of materials.

·         Make materials for the classroom on an ongoing basis.

·         Assist children who need help in choosing work.

·         Provides small and large group presentations as appropriate to the needs of the class.

·         Gives individual lessons throughout the day based on observations and needs of the children.

·         Creates a positive classroom culture.  Uphold and support positive behavior by modeling such behavior, setting reasonable limits and reinforcing ground rules.

·         Unobtrusively monitor and carefully observe the work of the children.

·         Treat children with respect and kindness at all times according to individual needs.

·         Coordinate curriculum and implementation with the other specialty teachers and assistant teacher.

·         Maintain ongoing dialogue and be available to the other teachers and assistant teacher to share questions and observations.

·         Plan for and work with students of various abilities assigned to classroom.

·         Understand and promote the school's mission, purposes, objectives and policies to parents in a positive and supportive manner.

·         Complete and maintain all records, reports, evaluations, inventories, student records and tests in a timely manner as may be required by the school.

·         Coordinate and participate in playground supervision, class field trips (and overnight field trips if appropriate to the class), lunch program, school functions or other necessary duties and act in a supervisory capacity.

·         Submit articles for class or school Newsletter when appropriate.

·         Report any and all accidents/incidents at once.  File incident report.

·         Call to the attention of the Principal any students with special difficulties or needs and be prepared to discuss with parents.

·         Call to the attention of the Principal all concerns of the parents.

·         Meet with Principal to plan curriculum/direction.

·         Attend all faculty meetings, parent conferences, and school events as required and appropriate to the position.

·         Maintain an attitude of continual learning by remaining current with new research, best practices, and attending professional development opportunities as available or required by the position.




·         BA or BS Minimum.

·         AMS, AMI or other MACTE Montessori Certification required for the appropriate age level of the classroom.

·         Evidence of previous teaching at level requesting employment.

·         Ability to communicate and work effectively with all constituent groups.

·         Ability to work as an active team member.

·           Fluency in English.