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British Division

British Division

Welcome to the Gateway International Montessori School (GIMS), British Division.

We are pleased to welcome all new visitors to our Webpages and feel sure you will find everything you need to know about this exciting and growing school.

GIMS is different. We are the first International school in Cairo to provide a unique and comprehensive blend of British Education with a taste of Montessori under one roof. Our focus is to develop “the whole child” from the ages of 3-18, complementing the High School courses with the world renowned International Baccalaureate in Grades 11 and 12. We are also the first school in Egypt to seek Montessori accreditation and we have already opened a dialogue with the main British and International accreditation agencies.

As we grow, our full and challenging curriculum will be complemented with compelling sports, visual, and performing arts activities and peace education, all designed to equip your child with the “tools for life”.

Our aim is to prepare students for the rapidly changing world, becoming self-reliant problem solvers and inquisitive learners with a global perspective.  We want to create students who are proud to celebrate their heritage and who are rooted in and driven by a strong set of core values, ethics and peace-making skills.

Gateway’s attractive new campus is located in the heart of Katameya Gardens Compound, New Cairo, offering exceptional facilities in the quest to help all our students realise their full potential and achieve their academic goals. 

Our Progressive Approach

British and American philosophies under one roof is not a new approach to Education but when it comes to selecting the right approach for your child, their needs to be a clear and wider philosophy at stake.

Our aim is to offer

“an educational system that allows flexibility in learning procedures, based on activities determined by the needs and capacities of the individual child, the aim of which is to integrate academic with social development

The British system speaks with one voice in the development of The Whole Childas does Montessori and it is this whole child approach, combined across two philosophies at Gateway, that helps the education on offer to stand out for the children immersed within it.

 “Academia comes first” and must be central in the endeavour of both school and home to deliver this “whole child” but the institution that delivers it needs to be more than just Academia. 

“The now generation” requires talents that are much more challenging and exciting with a global perspective that incorporate skills such as:

  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Leadership and Collaboration
  • Agility and adaptability
  • Assessment and analysis
  • Effective oral and written skills
  • Curiosity and Imagination




We will also focus on soft skills or “Emotional Intelligence” that help us to relate more positively to all manner of people in a way that creates better interpersonal connections. 

What then does this mean for the “well informed” parent looking for a progressive stand-out education. Simply put, Gateway offers the best of two systems blended together to offer continuing opportunities for self-learning and self-development. This is delivered by teachers who fully adopt the values of their chosen Montessori or British approach and task themselves with thorough preparation, delivery and assessment in the classroom.

A clear and focused syllabus must be the backbone for learning and personal development, but it will be the talents of the well-trained and keen-eyed teacher that are key to all this.

It is important to recognise that the syllabus is just the beginning of any educational journey. Teachers will offer regular challenges in all subjects to ensure that their students’ innate and fostered interests and talents are fully supported. It therefore follows that all curriculum subjects are valued in this progressive way, leading to the “lively and enquiring mind” that all schools should be looking to deliver.

Two educational philosophies working “hand-in-hand is a reality that can and will be experienced at Gateway.

Providing Balance and worldliness - The Curriculum

The British curriculum covers:-







Art and Design

Design Technology

Physical Education

Religious Education



The Added Value

 Physical, Social, Health Education and a Modern foreign language (Spanish or French)

Students will also be taught Arabic as prescribed by The Ministry of Education.

The Detail

1.     Assessment

The teachers will test the children in Reading, Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling and Maths at regular intervals throughout the year to ensure they move the children forward appropriately. 

Teachers will use the results of tests and assessments to differentiate the work for different ability groups of children within each class.

The children will be set targets for literacy and maths and tracked to ensure they achieve these targets.

They will be taught literacy, reading and maths each day while other subjects will be taught weekly. Each class teacher will produce a timetable to ensure all subjects are covered.

2.     Literacy

The children will focus on literacy skills through writing and will learn to use a selection of punctuation, spelling, grammar and descriptive vocabulary. Use of fiction and non-fiction books selected by teachers will combine to stimulate and inspire the children to become competent writers.

3.     Maths

A high quality Maths education will provides a foundation for understanding the world. The children with be taught mathematical reasoning and strong problem solving skills learning to work alone and/or in collaboration with their peers, an essential part of the problem-solving process.

The children will learn through a mix of teaching, child initiated learning, investigation and problem solving. This approach ensures that all children have access to the curriculum and become inquisitive learners.

4.     The Wider Curriculum

The breadth of the British Curriculum is designed to educate “the whole child” by offering a full and academic program combined with sports and visual and performing arts activities. This is specifically designed to equip your child with the tools for life.

5.     Extra-Curricular

We will also be running a range of extra-curricular activities to further enhance the curriculum.

6.     Quality of Teaching/Professional Development

Through the introduction of specialists, either from within, or outside of the school community, teachers will be able to attend training programmes that will help their professional development and enhance their knowledge. This will be of great benefit to the children and other teachers who can share this knowledge and improve their teaching skills.