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What is Montessori Philosophy?

In brief, it is both a philosophy of child development and a rationale for guiding such development developed by Dr. Maria Montessori over 100 years ago. Through her scientific observations of children from birth through adulthood across a variety of world cultures, Dr. Montessori was able to discover unique fundamental principles of how children learn and grow.  Montessori philosophy is based on a respect for the child – each child – the whole child. It is the belief that children are naturally driven to learn and are their own best teachers who prefer this work to any other activity. It is a system of education in which the child is allowed and encouraged to work at her most important task – the development of self by providing a safe, stimulating environment prepared by the adult who acts in the role of facilitator and guide. Within such a framework, the child is able to discover, create, and become the best person she can be.
What is Montessori Philosophy?