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The Egyptian Knowledge Bank (EKB)


The Egyptian Knowledge Bank is the world's largest digital library granting unlimited resources exclusively for Egyptians. EKB has launched several national projects concerned with educational development since its inauguration in 2014.
It grants all Egyptians from all ages access to the largest amount of knowledge, cultural and scientific content whether they are basic, applied, technology, human or management sciences. It also includes public cultural books that target children and to be used through computers, smartphones, and tablets around the country. Thus, its goal is to provide all Egyptians with access to world -class publications, like Nature and Encyclopedia Britannica

How Does It Work?

The EKB has 4 sub-portals
Readers, Academic, Education, and Kids

The Readers Portal: It is for the Public where It provides access to all general resources
and latest news in every area of general interest.  It only requires the user’s national ID number

The Academic Portal: It is For University Professors & Students: It provides access to all academic resources as well as other portals. It requires University/ Institution ID number.

The Education Portal: It is for Students & Educators: It provides special educational resources that match the curriculum. Just sign up as a teacher or a student.

The Kids Portal: It is for children from ages 6 to 14: It provides entertaining educational activities and resources. The account must be created by a parental guardian
ow the Egyptian Knowledge Bank on social media
The Egyptian Knowledge Bank can be accessed by any Egyptian citizen inside the country, through a unified portal, inside the Arab Republic of Egypt, to be used through all computers, as well as smart phones and tablets.