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CEO and School Director

CEO and School Director

Mrs. Fatma Al Sakhawy

To students who are my inspirers, to parents & to the faculty of our school; Gateway International Montessori School I am Ms. Fatma Al Sakhawy, Gateway CEO & School Director.
I am honored to be so. There is no greater calling than to teach young people, dream and aspire with them for a better future for themselves, thier communities and the world as a whole.
Moreover, I am highly proud to welcome, All Students of Gateway, old and newly enrolled, and to congratulate you, dear parents and guardians, on your decision to be part of our Gateway International Montessori School. We applaud your choice of Gateway, which puts emphasis on educating the "whole person" who will be able to use the life skills learned to function successfully in college and in the work place after college.
Furthermore, we are highly enthusiastic, excited and determined to celebrate together as members of Gateway our Students' growth and development, wishing them all the success and hoping that they will excel in whatever area of knowledge they would choose. Also, we are all aspiring that all our students are to be proud that they belonged to this educational institute, reap the benefits of such an Education, and receive tangible and intangible credit for their individual courses and their learning experience.
Gateway main goal is to ensure that every student is provided the highest quality of education possible in a safe and supportive learning environment. In order to accomplish this goal, we believe and apply a philosophical phrase: The 4 A’s to Success. These are: Attendance, Attitude, Academics, and Activities. We sincerely believe that by adhering to the basic ideas embedded in these four concepts, our students will become well-rounded individuals, ready for the final phase at school. This would only happen if we, as adults and role models, also adhere to these concepts, then our students will better see the value of these.
Furthermore, I would like to apprise you of my educational philosophy, which rotates around the following: First, the only identity this school will recognize is individual identities — each student's character, his /her scholarship, and above all his / her humanity. And the only national identity this school will recognize is global citizenship with an Egyptian flavor! We yearn to build and practice, as learners, international mindedness in order to become true global citizens who respect, value and honor differences; we are determined to share the knowledge this colorful world offers us.
Second, the purpose of education in our school is to get our students to think beyond themselves and to be lifelong learners who have attributes that prepare them to be risk takers, inquirers, communicators, caring, balanced, and reflective citizens. Third, discipline, punctuality, fairness, academic honesty, and a reward and consequence system that everyone abides by is one of our major concerns , as we believe that high academic achievement cannot and would not be attained without respecting the environment we belong to and by providing safety and care to all! Moreover, Self-learning, peer learning, collaboration and constructive competition are the main tools we are to use to achieve the best outcome for our hopefully rewarding and fruitful learning journey.
Fourth, my Motto is: Imagine with all your mind, believe with all your heart, achieve with all your might! Finally, I, at Gateway opt, and plan, together with my colleagues, to make our school the place where the minds of all Gateway learners grow, where their tender hearts open, and where inspired lives begin!
In a nutshell, I hope, dear parents, that through this framework you have formed an idea about me, as an educator and a lifelong learner, who have never stopped dreaming of a better education for all as the ideas above are the main trigger that inspires me, to continue that illuminative path. I have been an educator and a learner who has accumulated throughout these 34 years of work a wonderful treasure that has ornamented my life with the best diamonds, gems and precious stones; my students, my colleagues, and an everlasting knowledge that never stops from increasing and growing.

Fatma AL Sakhawy
July , 2020