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Gateway International Montessori School provides a holistic, ample, and challenging learning experience that inspires students to be caring, passionate, and knowledgeable life-long learners. Gateway International Montessori School offers co-educational Montessori and American curriculum programs in the early years and elementary stages. Students continue to pursue an unparalleled international education experience through their middle school years, which is crowned by granting eligible students an American High School Diploma upon graduation.

Our safe and nurturing learning environment supports each learner's unique needs and encourages social, emotional, and academic triumph. We value our students' cultural identity while cultivating global citizens who can flourish in a multicultural society. Our comprehensive world language programs prepare learners to be proficient multilingual communicators in Arabic, English, Spanish, or Mandarin. Students are invigorated to be principled, independent inquirers who think critically to find innovative solutions to the complex challenges posed in cultivating peace and sustainability in their country, region, and worldwide.