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Core Values

Gateway Core Values:

The core values of our school are clearly embodied in the following
statements which epitomize how we would like our students to live,
both now and for the rest of their lives:

  • - Value and respect their own and others’ uniqueness.
  • - Understand and celebrate diversity.
  • - Be prepared to work collaboratively.
  • - Communicate effectively.
  • - Be able to think critically.
  • - Approach challenges creatively.
  • - Demonstrate a positive work ethic.
  • - Maintain a lifelong love of learning.
  • - Be multilingual and globally-minded citizens.
  • - Be open-minded and inquisitive.
  • - Preserve the environment for the good of all.
  • - Be able to maintain balance in their lives.

At Gateway International Montessori School, it is strongly encouraged that every student:

  • - Is a valued member of our community.
  • - Is respectful of others.
  • - Respects and enjoys the learning process.
  • - Works in harmony with others to find solutions to problems.
  • - Is a resourceful, creative and critical thinker
  • - Is involved in service to school, local and world communities.
  • - Makes wise, healthy and respectful decisions.
  • - Demonstrates a strong sense of self and cultural identity.
  • - Is active academically, socially, spiritually, artistically andphysically.