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What's the difference?

What is the difference between Montessori and Non-Montessori?

All children can learn, they are the same all over the world.
Children are different. Some can learn others cannot.
Implicit trust and respect for every child as an individual who wants to learn.
Foster belief that children must be directed or molded and are not always capable or motivated.   
Child centered
Teacher centered
Children learn through their own discovery and experience
The teacher is the transmitter of knowledge
Multi-age grouping. 
Homogeneous grouping. 
Each child learns at her/his own pace.
Some are held back, some are pushed, and some are dropped.
Children correct themselves through control of error.
Answers are provided by the teacher.
Children work independently.
Teacher directed with very little choice.
Subjects are integrated.
Subjects are compartmentalized.
No time restriction
Time periods are allotted.
Non-competitive and collaborative
Highly Competitive
Children are self-motivated.
Children are motivated by rewards and punishment (grades are rewards or punishment)
Children learn that actions lead to natural consequences.
Rewards and punishments are a result of actions.
Self evaluation & continual assessment by the adult
Tests to evaluate.