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Progressive Education for Gateway Students

British and American philosophies under one roof is not a new approach to education but when it comes to selecting the right approach for your child, there needs to be a clear and globally relevant philosophy in place. “Progressive Education” is defined by the Collins English dictionary as “an educational system that allows flexibility in learning procedures, based on activities determined by the needs and capacities of the individual child, the aim of which is to integrate academic with social development.” The British system concentrates on the development of “The Whole Child” as does Montessori, and it is this whole child approach, combined across Montessori, British and American curricula at Gateway that helps the education on offer to stand out for the children immersed in it. British and American education with a taste of the Montessori approach is the unique outworking of our whole school vision. Cries of “Academia comes first” are always present and must be central in the endeavour of both school and home to nurture this “whole child” but the institution that delivers it needs to be more than just academic in nature. The “now generation” requires talents that focus on global perspectives and that incorporate skills such as: Attention also needs to be given to so called “soft” skills such as the development of “emotional Intelligence” enabling all to relate more positively to all manner of people in ways that create better interpersonal connections. A clear and focused syllabus must be the backbone for learning and personal development, but the talents of the well-trained and keen-eyed teacher are key to facilitating this. Driven by a first-class pastoral care system, Gateway also promotes a range of co-curricular activities which enhance the development of the whole child. What then does this mean for the well-informed parent looking for a progressive stand-out education? Simply put, the best of British, American and Montessori systems blended together at appropriate levels to offer the best educational experience. Integrated and mutually beneficial philosophies working “hand-in-hand” is a reality that can be experienced at Gateway.
Progressive Education for Gateway Students