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IB Community September Blogs

Below are links of three interesting blogs that the IB Community Blog posted. As an IB MYP Candidate School, we are highly convinced of how the IB system illuminates and inspires its students and community; thus, we are sharing with you and our students some of the blogs published.
The most interesting fact about such blogs is that it is mostly written by IB students or graduates, who share many of their insights with the IB Community; students, educators and parents as a way of serving their community and the world around them.
We hope that these topics would meet our Gateway Community interest and would give a glimpse of how IB philosophy, practices, methodologies and approaches impact the way the IB community members think, respond, and act to the world around them.
The first blog is: Living the IB Learner Profile: one school’s commitment to Ukrainian refugees in Poland
The link: https://blogs.ibo.org/blog/2022/09/07/living-the-ib-learner-profile-one-schools-commitment-to-ukrainian-refugees-in-poland/
The second blog is: The importance of an IB education: Q&A with IB Alumni, Daniel Treviño Colunga
The link: https://blogs.ibo.org/blog/2022/09/01/the-importance-of-an-ib-education-qa-with-ib-alumni-daniel-trevino-colunga/
The Third Blog is: Fostering creativity and curiosity in IB classrooms
The Link : https://blogs.ibo.org/blog/2022/06/16/fostering-creativity-and-curiosity-in-ib-classrooms/
Finally, Gateway staff members are looking forward to open its School doors on September 18th to our dear students, hoping that this year would add ample of positive attributes, knowledge, and joy to our students' minds, hearts, and souls.

Wish you an enjoyable and illuminative reading!
IB Community September Blogs