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School Admissions open for Academic year 2024-2025

For A Lifetime Of Creative Learning

Attuned to the belief that diversity, responsibility, creativity and a balanced attitude towards life breeds excellence, Gateway International Montessori School embeds in its students to trust Montessori education, American education and International Baccalaureate (IB) as their sole paths towards self growth and to be their global answer to a united humanity.

Gateway international Montessori school is one of the top international schools in New Cairo, Egypt, and we have the honer to welcoming you to apply now for the new academic year.

What are the required documents for school admissions?

Required Documents for school admission process

  • Completed application form.
  • Original birth certificate – electronic copy.
  • 6 passport size photographs of the student.
  • Copy of IDs for both parents.
  • Passport (for non-Egyptians).
  • This will be photocopied and returned to you immediately.
  • Academic reports up until the last completed school term.
  • Nursery Report for EC Applicants.

What is the school admission process?

School Admission Process

1- Online Application:

Click admission online application to complete an online application form. Once submitted you will receive a call from our Admissions team.

2- Parent interview and Assessment:

A time will be scheduled with our Admissions staff for a parent interview, and a child assessment.

3- Assessment results and Registration:

Depending on
the result of the assessment, an initial acceptance email will be issued.
Upon payment of registration fees, and completion of various consent and agreement forms, a final acceptance letter will be sent to you.

Please feel free to contact admissions team for any inquiry.


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