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Admissions Process

Required Documents

  • Completed application form
  • Original birth certificate – electronic copy
  • 6 passport size photographs of the student
  • Copy of IDs for both parents
  • Passport (for non-Egyptians).

Ø  This will be photocopied and returned to you immediately.

  • Academic reports up until the last completed school term.
  • Nursery Report for EC Applicants

Admission steps 

Step1- Online Application:

Click here  to complete an online application form. Once submitted you will receive a call from our Admissions team.

Step2- Parent interview and Assessment:

A time will be scheduled with our Admissions staff for a parent interview, and a child assessment.

Step3- Assessment results and Registration:

Depending on the result of the assessment, an initial acceptance email will be issued.

Upon payment of registration fees, and completion of various consent and agreement forms, a final acceptance letter will be sent to you.